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Five Core Principles

We invite you to discover and experience the power of our services. We believe it has far-reaching benefits for our clients to get opinions from several sources with diverse backgrounds, education, and experience.

Family First

We are proud and protective of our family atmosphere. When you join our firm as a member or as a client, you join our family. Your success is our success, and protecting the people you love is our first priority. 

People Are Assets

Our success comes from a culture that supports the whole person; not only their business or financial success, but also their personal success. As such, we encourage our members to chase their passions and purposes. 

Create More Value than You Consume

We understand that value is measured by the consumer, and strive to maximize that value by developing community leaders within our organization. Creating more value for our clients and community is what drives us. 

Win by Not Losing

We equip our clients with the knowledge to win the highest stake game of their lives. Using an education-based process, we teach clients to protect themselves first, maximize savings, and eliminate unnecessary risks. 

Distinguished Planning

We utilize a team model to co-create optimal strategies and a distinguished experience for our clients. Our team of professionals rely on indisputable math and contract law to help find money for our clients, without compromising their lifestyles.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We greet every Rethink Wealth client with a blank slate.

No matter what you look like or how much money you make, you can rest assured that we’ll cater specifically to your individual needs without any preconceived notions.

We understand each person is unique and will need a different set of strategies to confidently reach their financial goals


Let’s be honest: there are a lot of insurance products out there. More than likely, most aren’t right for you. When you sit down with us, we’ll make sure you understand how different types of insurance policies work, how much they cost, and why (or why not) they may fit your needs  — without any hard sells or complicated jargon. That’s our promise. 

Our History

If investing were easy, anyone would be able to make a killing on the stock market. But it’s not. Doing it right takes plenty of hard work and discipline, not to mention a thorough understanding of investing principles and financial markets. When you come to us asking for a sound investment strategy, that’s precisely what we’ll bring.  


Did you know only 23% of workers say they’re very confident about saving enough for a comfortable retirement? Our job is to make sure you’re one of them. We’ll help you understand how much you should be saving, how you should be investing, and what you might expect to have when you’re ready to stop working. We believe the best way to find your way to a successful retirement, is to make sure your eyes are wide open 

Meet the Firms

Our Process

Founded in 1860, White Rhino Financial is an agency of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America and currently one of the largest mutual life insurance companies in the United States. 

We house a team of professionals who share a commitment to doing the right thing for our clients, knowing that people matter, while holding ourselves to the highest of standards. We’re well-equipped to work with you to build your future. 

Our mission is to use our skills and financial knowledge to help you and those important to you enjoy financial confidence and prosperity throughout your lifetime. Your success is our success – and we work tirelessly to create the right strategies to optimize your wealth-building potential and financial well-being. 

Knowing how quickly events can change, we stay abreast of current legislation and trends, and how they might impact your financial future. 

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Our History

Initially a client working with a financial advisor, Rick Ray discovered a passion for finance. Upon the recommendation of his advisor, he changed careers and entered the financial services industry. After 15 years of working with a number of major financial institutions, he envisioned a firm that could offer clients quality and sound investment and financial advice without any restrictions or biases. With this in mind, he founded Wealth Design Group in 2004. 

Wealth Design Group continues to serve clients with the goal of providing objective advice and unbiased guidance. With access to a wide range of investment solutions and insurance products, we can create custom strategies for clients based on their individual needs and objectives. 

We believe that a critical issue people often make is trying to pursue their financial goals without a solid strategy and plan. You can’t build a house without a floor plan, and you need a design before you can create that plan. By holistically evaluating a client’s entire financial picture, including where they are and where they want to be, we strive to help individuals and families design a roadmap that may lead them to financial independence. 

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One of our primary goals is to develop a long-term, trusting relationship with you.

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