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We Play An Infinite Game

We have an important mission in this world, to help individuals, families, and
business owners achieve financial freedom. Instead of playing a 'finite' game and
just transacting with clients, we're building something that will outlast all of us
with 5 core principles.

We Believe Family Comes First

The day our clients get started with us is the day they become a member of our family, and we always put family first. You can trust us to get the job done for you with consideration and respect for what matters most.

We Know People Are Our Greatest Assets

There are a dozen things in life that matter more than money, unfortunately most of those things cost money. Understanding that our success only comes from the success of families and individuals that believe in us, we're obsessed with improvement.

We Create More Value Than We Consume

Trust is earned, and built over time. The way we build trust with clients is done the old fashioned way, by adding economic value. This principle ensures the we avoid diminishing returns in our relationship, and continue to compound our value over the course of a lifetime.

We Focus On Winning By Not Losing

There are many financial strategies out there, but not all of them work. We've
found the key to financial success is establishing a plan that helps ensure you won't
"lose" first, and then layering it with financial growth opportunities that suit your
important needs and meet your financial goals.

We Work Tirelessly To Deliver On Promises

Our word is our bond. Through our client-focused process we activate powerful
technology to deliver on our promises. Our approach to consolidating,
integrating, and growing financial balance sheets is capstoned with thoughtful
service, meaningful support, and transparent costs.

How Our Approach Is Different From Other Financial Firms

How Our Approach Is Different From Other Financial Firms

Something we've learned over the years is that everyone makes financial decisions differently. We've also learned that even great combinations of financial products and services could have adverse impacts for the wrong client.

Most importantly, we've learned that financial decisions aren't made in a silo. Wherever you've found yourself financially in your life, it's merely a product of your choices - good, bad, or indifferent. When you shift your focus away from uncontrollable things like last year's market returns, the newest IPO you can focus on controllable areas like savings rates, and risk management. This empowers you to take action in your life, and experience a true sense of accomplishment that you happened to your life, instead of the other way around.

At Rethink Wealth, we believe one-size will never fit all and long-term financial success only comes from planning specifically for your individual life. 

Debunking Common Financial Myths and Hype

If there's anything the world of financial products does the best, it's building hype around it's products and creating misinformation. Most financial corporations and the 'talking heads' they employ are working towards one goal, the appeal of their product to as many people as possible. We've spent decades scouring the marketplace for the product sets that truly drive economic value for our clients and wrap it up with a holistic plan to achieve their financial goals.

From Occasionally Great, To Consistently Good.

Our financial planning leadership team has decades of experience guiding clients through some of the most difficult financial times in our history. Each time a global or domestic financial crisis has occurred, our clients and our firms have emerged stronger, and more resilient than before. We believe this is directly linked to our approach of building strategies that are consistently good by flawlessly executing on established methodologies, rather than trying to be occasionally great by making 'educated guesses', or gambling with your money.

Achieving Financial Freedom & Balance

If the 'Baby Boomer' generation has taught us anything, it's that the promise of working into your 60s and living off social security checks and a pension, didn't end up being the promise everyone thought it would be. We help you define financial freedom & balance and powerfully guide you on your journey.

We Help Guide You On An
Empowered Financial Journey

Innovative Approach

At Rethink Wealth, we capitalize on the development of the latest technology to resource, design, and implement financial plans that grow with you.

Your plan will be everything you need it to be today, and you'll receive coaching and guidance to help you develop a better understanding of your strategy as you learn how to wield the true power of your financial life.

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Industry Leadership

Our leadership bench is deep and has been powerfully guiding clients on their financial journeys their entire working lives. Our partners average nearly 25 years of individual experience in the financial services industry.

Up markets, down markets, sideways markets.. they've seen it all and serve as impactful guides for the organization and guardians of our approach and philosophies.

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One of our primary goals is to develop a long-term, trusting relationship with you.

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