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Financial Swing

Financial Swing

January 12, 2023

Financial Swing


One of the more difficult sports to master, however like anything else putting in consistent time and effort and you should be able to improve your game.

I recently started playing and am already in love. I am always trying to find ways to get out and practice my swing, whether that’s in my backyard with a club or inside my living room as I am watching tv (no clubs inside).

The hardest part has been getting my swing down. This really is make it or break it, since it has a direct impact on the distance and trajectory of my ball each time, I strike it. Even if I had the best clubs out there that could be bought, this wouldn’t improve my game because I am not consistent with my swing. The ball goes mainly right and sometimes I’m lucky to hit it straight.

Similarly, this happens with people’s finances. Everyone is looking for the best product to purchase, investments, insurances, real estate, businesses. Most people don’t take the time to understand how all these different products are connected and complement each other.  

When your financial swing is understood you will be able to clearly see the connection between products and in turn that lowers your risk of having to always have the best stuff. Leading to a more efficient and effective financial structure.


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