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White-collar professionals: protect your earning power

May 23, 2022

As a white-collar professional, whether you are an accountant, an attorney or even an engineer, you
have made your education and professional career a top priority in your life. That’s why protecting
your earning power is critical, as you have spent so much time and money to ensure your professional
success. Disability can happen to anyone at any time and it is more common than you may think. In
fact, one in five working Americans has experienced at least one disability leave of absence during the
past 10 years.1 A disabling injury or illness can leave you unable to work, and in-turn, unable to provide
for yourself and your family.

When disability strikes, your paycheck stops but your financial obligations don’t. Between bills,
student loans and other expenses, loss of income can effect your financial well-being. By owning an
individual disability policy, you can help mitigate the risk of losing your income due to a disability. You
never know when you’ll need income protection, but being prepared can make all the difference. At
Rethink Wealth, we can help you choose the protection option that’s best for you and your

View one of the occupation-specific videos below to learn how income protection is critical to your
Most valuable asset: Accountants
Most valuable asset: Architects
Most valuable asset: Attorneys
Most valuable asset: Computer Scientists
Most valuable asset: Engineers
Most valuable asset: MBA Professionals

1 Guardian Workplace Benefits Study, 6th Annual: Income Protection