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Our specialized, local support gives you the opportunity to capture more business. 

At Rethink Wealth, our track record of financial success spans over the years. With a diversified product portfolio, sound risk management and farsighted investment strategy – our stability is your opportunity. We offer a full suite of Disability and Life Insurance products to meet the needs of professionals, business owners and employers.

We work closely with producers like yourself, to help grow their book of business with innovative, quality focused sales ideas and support, including:

  • Life Insurance Case Design
  • Specialized Underwriting Support
  • True External Term Exchange Program
  • Competitive Dividend
  • Indexed Participation Feature
  • Disability Income Insurance Planning
  • Identify opportunities you may be missing
  • Package and help sell the case
  • Improve the experience for your clients
  • Get your cases underwritten promptly

With specialized, local support at your disposal, our program offerings span from basic concepts to the very advanced, giving you every opportunity to capture business.

Many financial professionals don’t realize how rewarding disability insurance can be. We’d welcome the opportunity to show you the details of our highly competitive compensation package.

Interested in capturing more business? Give us a call or email us to discuss your next case at 682-233-7770.

We look forward to working with you.

One of a Kind Protection and Pricing Just for Physicians

With Provider Choice, certain physicians have the unique ability to protect their income with some of the most competitive pricing and comprehensive coverage available.

10% preferred occupation discount available to select medical occupations

Offer physician clients strong coverage at great rates with our Preferred Occupation Discount. This discount is available to an array of physicians and can be combined with other discounts.

Exceptional protection for physicians

Our disability insurance is among the strongest and most flexible available for physicians. It includes options for physicians to protect themselves in their own occupation and specialty with:

  • Enhanced True-Own Occupation Definition of Disability Just for Physicians
  • More ways to qualify for benefits, including our Enhanced Partial Disability Benefit, which delivers benefits sooner and for a longer duration than most in the industry

We have added a straightforward source-of-earnings formula to our total disability definition that is easy to understand and provides another way to qualify for total disability benefits. 

It matters who you work with and trust to help grow your business. We at Rethink Wealth don’t want to help you just meet your goals—we want to help you exceed them. 

Consider a business class experience on board our new Professional Associate Broker Contract. Contract design highlights:

  • Pays vested and non-vested renewals
    • Pays up to 9% of combined vested and non-vested renewals in years 2-10 when contract specific minimum production amount is attained1
    • Pays up to 4% in non-vested renewals in years 11+ when contract specific minimum production amount is attained1
  • Rewards volume and quality
    • Persistency adjusted non-vested renewal compensation adjusted annually based on:
      • Attaining contract specific Minimum Production Requirement (MPR)2 and
      • Persistency of individual producers’ book of business
  • Available to individuals and corporations
    • For corporate version: attainment of Professional Associate Broker MPR and persistency adjusted non-vested renewal compensation determined at subproducer level 

1 Professional Associate Broker must attain contract specific minimum FYC production in a calendar year to be eligible for non-vested renewals in the following calendar year. If eligible then the non-vested renewal rate payable is determined by prior year persistency.

2 Contract specific MPR: An annual first-year production target that, when attained in a given year, triggers payment of persistency adjusted non-vested renewals for the following year.