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Rethink Wealth Careers

Female Experienced Advisors Searching for Leadership Roles

It's possible that you've been overlooked for a leadership role, or that it's just very hard to climb the corporate ladder, or they don't understand work life balance. Let's break the cycle. 

"Hi, my name's Nickelle Leist, with Rethink Wealth. And this year we are intentionally looking for female, experienced advisors, who want a leadership role in their company. It's possible that you've been overlooked for a leadership role, or that it's just very hard to climb the corporate ladder, or they don't understand work life balance. Here at Rethink Wealth, we want our leadership team to be half women in 2023. And the way that we're going to do that is by allowing you to be uniquely you, and coming with the gifts that we know many female advisors possess, which is being great relationship managers, and also being able to ask the hard questions. 
If you want a leadership role, please contact Rethink Wealth and we'll show you how we're flipping on its head what it means to be a financial advisor, in providing you a team based selling approach, along with marketing support and admin support. Look forward to talking to you."

About Nickelle Leist

Vice President Austin BranchVice President Austin Branch

Dedicated to empowering individuals, families, and businesses to feel more confident through financial education, organization, and prioritization. Nickelle's passion is in helping individuals find financial confidence through the transparency of options, sharing her own personal story, and eliminating the fear of facing  finances by putting the control back in the client's hands.

As a leader at Rethink Wealth, Nickelle encourages advisors to hit their maximum potential with a mission to build a culture of love that attracts advisors with the entrepreneurial spirit, who enjoy teamwork, and looking for an outside-the-box take on the traditional financial planning environment. Encouraging each advisor to play to their unique abilities - "when you are doing the things you are good at work is always more fun." 

Job Description

Rethink Wealth is looking for Female advisors who want to fast-track their leadership position. If you are at a company that is not identifying your leadership abilities, providing a clear path to the top, or has consistently passed you over - we want to speak with you.

We know you are incredible relationship developers, connectors... and great at multi-tasking.  We love moms, wives and lady bosses who need more flexibility to achieve their highest level of work-life achievement and still available to be present moms, enjoy life, and take care of their families.  

Let us share how we have flipped the script on what it means to be a financial advisor & a leader in our business. Join a team that provides unlimited growth potential, team-based selling -where every opportunity is within your grasp, marketing support to attract new clients, LEADS, and unparalleled administrative and sales support - no more paperwork. We can show you how to build a practice bigger than you thought possible and create a larger impact in the lives around you. Rethink wealth will show you how to work smarter not harder.

 We are looking for a self-starter, who is result orientated, with an entrepreneurial spirit to build something bigger than themselves. They should possess the desire to help others in the pursuit of true financial organization while helping clients protect and build their financial future.

Do you desire flexibility with the potential for a high income?
Are you a team player, who enjoys a challenge?
Do you enjoy building long lasting relationships and networking in your community?
Are you looking for greater growth and leadership opportunities than what you are being offered at your current company?
If you have the desire to help others while taking control of your own future, this is the opportunity for you.


 You can’t attract quality people with a second-best compensation package. As a Rethink Wealth Managing Associate, you’ll be part of a recognized, respected company that offers:

High earning potential with generous & extensive performance-based compensation models
Excellent comprehensive benefits package
Training, support and hands-on management
Advancement/management opportunities
Our work environment is fast-paced, energetic and enthusiastic. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and are not looking for just a job, then this can be the place for you.


***We have remote capabilities, and promote a hybrid in office and work from home culture- but only for Texas residents.

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