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Individuals and Families

At Rethink Wealth, we want to help you. We are here to help real people, their families, their neighbors and their friends. You don't have to fit into any certain group to get assistance or advice from our team.

As financial professionals we understand that life can be full of tough decisions that can many times lead to poor financial choices. We understand that decisions are often made with emotions first and then justified with logic, making the poor decisions not as surprising. Education is key to what we do; we want you to understand what you need and what you want so that together we can create a plan that best fits you. We believe in putting our faith, family and health above all things and want to help you best prioritize your life. We want to help you be prepared and protected for the future.

There is no need to be scared or confused by money, but we understand that many people feel this way and as a team we want to alleviate some of this confusion. With our patented and unique software, called The Living Balance Sheet®, we are able to tailor a plan best for you, while also allowing you to visually see your balance sheet. We understand the need to look at the whole financial picture so that is exactly what we do to create the most value for our clients. Our goal is to help you live the lifestyle you want, while also having the best financial plan for you moving forward.

A special note to our Baby Boomers:

Retirement Planning for Baby Boomers

I spent 35 years as an equities investment analyst and managed 3 mutual funds for insurance companies and a private money manager. Fortunately, the equities markets performed very well during that time frame. Unfortunately, most companies I worked for offered 401k plans and only limited pension benefits. Now that I am nearing retirement-as a baby boomer- I have begun constructing my own retirement plan. First, I have earned the RICP (Retirement Income Certified Professional) credentials. Additionally I have joined Rethink Wealth, which has experienced advisors and professionals who specialize in a variety of fields who I can partner with to design retirement plans that are more secure than equities alone and are designed to minimize taxes.

As a fellow baby boomer there are many common concerns that we have in common. When should I begin Social Security? Should I convert my IRA to a Roth account? Will a 60/40 stock/ bond portfolio give me enough income or will it give me enough downside protection in a bear market? Do I feel confident understanding Medicare or Medigap on my own? Should I buy Long-term care Insurance? When should I take my pension? For each individual the answers might be different. There is no one right answer. Here at Rethink Wealth our team can help guide you with your retirement plan.

James McGlynn, CFA, RICP

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