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Intern Job Description

Financial Representative Intern

Rethink Wealth in DFW, Austin, and Houston TX

Gain entrepreneurial skills and a foundation for a rewarding career.


You won’t be pushing pencils here. This highly immersive and development-packed program provides you the chance to see if running your own financial services practice could be in your future and allows you to earn commissions on sales you make throughout your internship. 

For the right person, a career as a Financial Representative with The Guardian Network allows you to experience entrepreneurship with support and make a difference in peoples’ lives while achieving your own professional and financial goals.

Through our internship program, you’ll be doing the day-to-day work of a financial professional, with guidance and mentorship in developing the skills necessary to build a thriving business. Plus, you’ll have a foundation that allows for a fast start should you decide to pursue this path full-time.

You are...

·         A self‐motivated individual with a confident personality, high integrity, and a strong desire to succeed

·         Passionate about cultivating long-term relationships to help others reach their goals

·         Ambitious, entrepreneurial, and looking for career growth and development

Once you pass your state licensing exam, you’ll be…

·         Learning about: marketing, client prospecting techniques, the sales cycle, Guardian product offerings, team building and collaborative practices, time management, and more

·         Working directly with peers and mentors on “real world” cases, preparing illustrations for prospects or existing clients; earning commissions on sales

·         Working with clients to understand their goals, concerns, and current financial information. Analyzing information to create plans with appropriate strategies, products, and services

·         Developing and maintaining a base of clients who value your input and guidance

What we provide…

·         Development, mentorship, and training—locally, virtually, and nationally—providing you with all the knowledge and information you need to build your practice with us

·         Pay for required training hours

·         Commissions on sales made during the internship period


 ·         Pass state licensing exam by required date

Who we are

Rethink Wealth is a nationwide financial planning firm focused on holistic solutions that help guide our clients on their journey to financial freedom. Our clients enjoy tailored financial coaching that encourages them to rethink the traditional concept of wealth by taking a comprehensive look at all aspects of life and defining what wealth truly means to them. Empowered with self-awareness and understanding, we help guide clients every step of the way on their path to financial freedom with progressive financial solutions that strive to work throughout their whole lives. If you're tired of the rat race, frustrated with financial advisors who have let you down, or just want to achieve financial freedom on your own terms - Rethink Wealth can serve as a powerful guide on the road ahead. 

Make that first connection.

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