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Managing Associate Job Description

Managing Associate

Rethink Wealth in DFW, Austin, and Houston TX


The primary purpose of the Managing Associate is to assist Agency leadership teams in efficiently and profitably running large teams. The Managing Associate assists the leadership team in the overall marketing, growth and development of the Agency.


·         Recruiting goal minimum of 3 recruits per year.

·         Must qualify for Leaders Club on personal production.

·         Assist the Managing Director in identifying target markets and implement recruiting and training programs to take advantage of new marketing opportunities.

·         Actively participate in company-sponsored leadership development to prepare for new responsibilities in a changing environment.


·         2-3 years insurance industry sales experience including field management or agency distribution system preferred.

·         Producer Group Leader that either has a team already or will be building one over time.


·         College degree or equivalent work experience.

·         Professional designation such as CLU, ChFC, or CFP.

·         NASD 6, 7 and 24 preferred.


·         Excellent interpersonal skills to develop relationships with people from all levels and backgrounds and facilitate thought provoking discussions on their career goals, achievements, and values.

·         Strong desire to develop others and see them succeed through teaching, monitoring, coaching, and supervision. Able to develop strong relationships with agents, tailor one’s style to each unique individual based on their needs and skill level and impart the teaching of the Firm’s, Home Office’s and Industry’s best practices.

·         Understanding of the mission, values and culture of the firm and the ability to instill them in others.

·         Initiative and independence to generate an equivalent sense of urgency and entrepreneurship in agents.

·         Understanding of the agency’s training systems, products and resources and their proper application in an agent’s development.

·         Strong organizational and planning skills to maintain personal efficiency and effectiveness.


·       College degree or equivalent work experience

·       Professional designation such as CLU, ChFC, or CFP

·       NASD 6, 7 and 24 preferred.

·       4-6 years insurance industry sales experience including 3-5 years field management or agency distribution system. 

·       Demonstrated background and success in firm building and recruitment preferred.


Customer focus – is a fundamental belief that one’s role at Guardian is to help or serve customers (Internal and External) and meet their needs. At lower levels this includes working with customers in ways that produce customer satisfaction whereas at higher levels it involves supporting and/or creating a customer-focused environment.

Respect for Diversity - is the consideration for individuals from different backgrounds or ethnic groups (e.g. race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, lifestyle, heritage, and culture) and the ability to work effectively with others in a diverse organization. At higher levels it involves supporting or creating an environment which promotes diversity and appreciates the balance between work and life.

Demonstrating initiative – is the extent to which an individual proactively addresses situations or opportunities as opposed to simply reacting to problems and assignments. It includes identifying obstacles and taking action to address current and future challenges and opportunities.

Drive toward improvement – is the capacity to be energized and excited by challenging goals and a concern for surpassing a standard of excellence. It is reflected in a true sense of competitiveness and a drive for results. At its highest levels, it is exhibited through a strong desire to achieve sustainable business results over the short-and long-term, despite adversity.

Holding people accountable – is the ability and willingness to be direct in appropriate circumstances. It implies the intent to make others comply with one’s wishes where personal power or the power of one’s position is used appropriately, with the long-term good of the organization in mind.

Impact and influence – are the ability to define and articulate and idea or plan in a compelling manner to make a specific impression on others. It includes harnessing an understanding of one’s audience to win support for a proposed initiative and generating enthusiasm for new ideas.

Self-assurance – is the belief in one’s ability to accomplish a task or complete a course of action. It includes having the level of confidence that enables one to take on challenges and express new ideas.

Team facilitation – involves having the ability to create an effective team environment, providing a sense of cohesiveness, identity and purpose to a work group, which helps to inspire motivation among its members toward a common goal. At its highest level, it means resolving conflict in a constructive way, through dialogue and, when necessary, direct facilitation.

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