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Prospecting Problem for Financial Advisors...Solved!

Converting cold leads to warm leads, utilizing marketing back office support, as well as access to unique tools and resources that not many other advisors are using currently. Join Nickelle Leist of Rethink Wealth as she discusses some of the Rethink Wealth Solves to prospecting problems in the financial industry. 

"Hello advisors, investment advisors, financial planners. Are you facing the one problem that all of us face year after year, which is prospecting? Gone is the day where you could dial for dollars out of a telephone book. Now we're in a smartphone world and people know who's calling, and if they don't know your number, they're not picking up. If you're looking for a firm who's flipping on its head, what it means to be an advisor and what we provide for our advisors, please come talk to Rethink Wealth. We're doing a great job in providing warm leads to our advisors. Also, helping them convert what could be cold leads into warm leads, utilizing our marketing back office support, as well as some unique tools and resources that not many other people are using. So if you have a prospecting problem, we're here to solve that for you and we'd love to talk to you." 

About Nickelle Leist

Vice President Austin BranchVice President Austin Branch

Dedicated to empowering individuals, families, and businesses to feel more confident through financial education, organization, and prioritization. Nickelle's passion is in helping individuals find financial confidence through the transparency of options, sharing her own personal story, and eliminating the fear of facing  finances by putting the control back in the client's hands.

As a leader at Rethink Wealth, Nickelle encourages advisors to hit their maximum potential with a mission to build a culture of love that attracts advisors with the entrepreneurial spirit, who enjoy teamwork, and looking for an outside-the-box take on the traditional financial planning environment. Encouraging each advisor to play to their unique abilities - "when you are doing the things you are good at work is always more fun."