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Ernie Salazar

Ernie Salazar

Financial Representative

I never learned about how money worked or how to plan for mine or my family's future. I grew up in a single parent home with an educator who was trying her best to make ends meet. Get what you need, get what you want and spend the rest seemed a normal strategy for us. Moved 11 times before the age of 18, know what it is like to have utilities shut off, $0.25 mac and cheese, $0.99 Big Mac nights, vehicles repossessed, no money saved, living paycheck to paycheck and no plan to attract or grow wealth and create a legacy. Needless to say, no clear path or guidance financially.

Worked at a restaurant for my first job and then after a football injury in college, found myself working in the fitness industry. An industry that I love and have been a part of in some way over the past 28 years. I have held every position from front desk, personal trainer, coach, general manager, all the way to an owner and recently a business and management strategist.

I am a US Army Veteran, Recovering Gym and Small Business Owner, Stage 4 Cancer Warrior, Husband, Father and most of all, someone that wants to help as many people as possible to not have to struggle on their journey to live their best life possible and create a legacy for themselves and their families. I do this by taking a Holistic approach strategy, just as I have while being a coach and personal trainer over the past 28 years.

Let me help you to evaluate your current plan or let's work together to help create one that makes those dreams and goals a reality and attainable. I really enjoy working with ACTIVE DUTY/NG/RESERVES/VETERANS, LEO/FD/RN/LVN/CNA, FITNESS PROFESSIONALS, and TEACHERS/EDUCATORS. My team and I are here for you not matter where you are in the United States, where you are in your journey personally or professionally and especially if you want someone that cares about you and your family as people and not a number or a strictly a transactional relationship.