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Lester Inniss

Lester Inniss

Financial Representative

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“The plans of the diligent surely lead to success, but all who are hasty surely head for poverty.” Proverbs 21:5

While saving was an important part of the culture in which I was raised, it wasn’t until much later in life that I realized being a good steward of my resources meant more than saving money. A financial professional who worked with my wife and I opened our eyes to the ways we could improve our management of money by investing and protecting our wealth. Over time, we saw that many small decisions taken together could have an incredible impact on our financial trajectory.
Once I recognized the importance of a comprehensive financial strategy in my own life, I began to tell everyone I knew about it. In my conversations, I quickly realized how many people have yet to understand the importance of a comprehensive financial strategy—whether because they were never approached by a financial professional or because they didn’t already have a family experience or connection with financial guidance. I wanted to change that. At the encouragement of many people in my life, including our own financial professional, I said goodbye to more than 20-year career in IT consulting and stepped into the financial services industry to educate and empower people.
I’m proud to help clients from all different backgrounds establish a strong financial path toward their goals and dreams. I take a detail-oriented and educational approach, blending the analytical perspective I cultivated in my previous technology roles with my heart for mentoring and teaching. I’m thankful for the support and collaboration of my colleagues who enrich the work I do with clients by contributing their expertise to the planning process. It’s a privilege to know that, as a financial professional, I can make a true impact in the lives of the people I serve.
Are you someone who’s seeking a financial professional you can trust? I would love to hear from you. Reach out to me directly to begin a conversation.