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Marianna Sanchez

Marianna Sanchez

Financial Professional

Born in Oklahoma City and moved to Texas at an early age. Marianna spent her childhood in different cities in central Texas. She attended East View high school in Georgetown, Texas. She later went on to graduate from Baylor University in 2020. Soon after graduating, she received a couple of job offers before accepting one in Austin, Texas. 

For the past couple of years, she has worked in the financial industry as a financial professional. She started her career working with educators to help them better understand their pension plans, but to also help set up supplementary retirement accounts to ensure that her clients were in the best position possible when they retired. She has now broadened her horizons within the financial industry and works to provide overall financial strategies for her clients. Marianna decided that she wants to help her clients prepare for anything life throws at them. While in college, her family went through a series of life events that really affected their finances. Luckily, some planning on their part helped cushion the blow. However, Marianna knows that the financial burden could have been avoided had they planned with an experienced professional. Because of this, Marianna has made it her personal goal to help her clients plan for any hardships in life, so that they do not have to worry should something happen. With Marianna’s dedication, attention to detail, and mindset she hopes to educate those around her to better plan for their financial wellbeing.  

Marianna lives near Georgetown with her family. In her free time, she loves playing tennis, woodworking, hiking, working on cars, and spending time with her friends.